Will the Nate Parker Controversy Crush Oscar Hopes of Birth of A Nation

Actor, Filmmaker Nate Parker is facing a firestorm of criticism about an alleged rape case that he was acquitted for in 2001. Parker is the director of the highly anticipated film "The Birth of a Nation" an emotional portrayal of the freedom fighter Nat Turner.

Through the Storm: The First Cut is the Deepest

She serves as Vice President of Consumer Strategy and Key Initiatives Multicultural Marketing at Prudential Financial, and if her title is big, that's because her mission- of getting people to think legacy and wealth creation- is even bigger. But if Dorinda Walker looks like the picture of success, there was a time when sh didn't believe she'd live to see her 21st birthday.



Saving Grace: Deborah Joy Winans

She hails from America's best-selling and most famous Gospel music dynasty - one that has birthed three generations of best selling acts. But for all her family's musical success, Deborah Joy Winans wanted no part of singing growing up in Detroit. ’


betty price

Controversy Surrounding SB1146

In the wake of mass opposition from religious groups, colleges, and black churches to SB1146- a bill some viewed as an infringement on religious freedoms, compelling religious colleges and universities receiving state money to comply with California's anti-discrimination lawsuits,

6 17 2013 - Iyanla VanZant photo shoot

Church News: Long Beach Church Sets Out to Reshape Public Policy

Christ Second Baptist Church in Long Beach Welton Pleasant hosted a paneled discussion to discuss strategies and outcomes to empower the community with Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Dr. Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matter, former L.A. City councilman Bob Ferrell and Rev. K.W. Tulloss

Finding Your Pretty with Dawn

As a personal trainer/nutritional consultant I find my job can be more than just helping my clients get into shape. Changing their mind-set and building their self esteem is just as important. Here are some keys to help your feel as good at you look.


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