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Forescee Hogan Rowles Sets Her Sights On 8th District

A margin of less than one percentage point is all that stood between Forescee Hogan-Rowles and what could have been a forced run-off...


Saving Grace: Sharon Leal

I only had one dream, and that was to be on Broadway,” says actress Sharon Leal... “I really didn’t think beyond just getting to the Broadway stage.”

Community Leaders Tout Prop 47 As Key Step in Prison Reform

the November 4th election date nears, no legislation has drawn more input from the black community than Proposition 47...




Faith Gets Atlanta Housewife Phaedra Parks Through Real Life Drama

Though the Real Housewives of Atlanta was the third “Housewives” franchise to premiere in 2008 (after Orange County and New York City)...

0Nate Parker-1

One On One: Nate Parker

Growing up poor in Virginia, Nate Parker had one goal: a college education that would bring a job he could support his family on...

Black Vote Key to Midterms, Remains A Potent Force in National Elections

A story in the New York Times just last month declared that the black vote was viewed as the “last hope for Democrats to hold senate”...


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