oscars so white: controversy sparks heightened awareness & change in hollywood

On a February evening in 1940 at the Coconut Grove Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, the woman soon to be the first black actor to win an Academy Award was seated at a segregated table away from all the white guests, including cast mates.



Christina Elmore knew that acting was the career path she’d follow when as a teen she found that it was the only thing she didn’t quit. “I took ballet. I took violin lessons. I played softball and eventually it was like I’m done with all of these,” she recalls, “but acting was the one thing I just couldn’t imagine quitting.”

"LAUSD’S First Black Superintendent Has Big Plans For The District.

Last month marked a significant moment in the Los Angeles Unified School District. For the first time in its 163-year history, the board selected an African American woman to serve as the new superintendent. After a three-month nationwide search, the board determined Michelle King was the only candidate capable of fixing the nation’s second-largest district.....



betty price

Money Matters: Another Economic Downturn on the Way?

Gov. Jerry Brown expressed caution when looking at the state of California in his recent State of the State address to lawmakers. While some African American legislative leaders are advocating to restore dollars for programs cut in past years, Brown is asking lawmakers to focus on current liabilities and building the rainy day fund.

6 17 2013 - Iyanla VanZant photo shoot

Dollars and Sense with Bob Blake

You’ve heard the age old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, but it couldn’t be any more appropriate with El Nino looming, and when it comes to flood preparedness.....

Finding Your Pretty with Chez

Change your loofah every thirty days, change your toothbrush every ninety days, change your weave every ninety days and change your mascara every four months. We must change these things often to avoid health issues, so I often find myself at my local drugstore wandering up and down the cosmetic aisle until something catches my eye......


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