Inglewood Rising

Today, the “City of Champions” is not only setting out to recapture the former glory that often accompanies a successful professional sports franchise, but is striving to become an iconic mecca for multi-purpose entertainment as construction on Rams Stadium at Hollywood Park offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future.

betty price

Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer Brings Trauma Center to Urban Community

Lamont Dawson has lived in Baldwin Village—often called “The Jungle” by locals—all his life. After his son was mistaken for a gang member and stabbed to death in 1998, Dawson, typically active and upbeat, began sinking deep into depression.

Through the Storm: A Death Sentence Teaches Zenay Arnold How to Live

Xenay Arnold didn’t know just how much of a fighter she was until at the age of 32, shortly after her husband walked out on her, she was faced with a diagnosis that would forever alter the course of her life—and would, doctors predicted, kill her within seven years or less.




Saving Grace: Greenleaf's Lynn Whitfield

When Oprah set out to make Greenleaf, her hour-long drama surrounding an African-American mega church pastor that will debut on OWN later this month, she had but one actress in mind for the role of it First Lady—Lynn Whitfield.’

6 17 2013 - Iyanla VanZant photo shoot

Dollars and Sense with Bob Blake

One of the most unexpected things in life occurs when you get a call telling you a loved one is gravely ill. I know because last month I got such a call. The call simply said, ‘Get home quickly, your mother is not going to make it. My whole world stood still. It had been less than six weeks since I had been with my mother, and although she had been sick, she was recovering nicely.

Finding Your Pretty With Chez

The natural hair movement is here, either you get on board or your hair might fall out! Doctors and hair stylists have been warning sistas for years about the devastating effects relaxers and weaves have on our hair and scalps.


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