Dorinda Clark-Cole Debuts #2 With 5th Solo Album

Dorinda Clark-Cole Debuts #2 With 5th Solo Album

Veteran Gospel music superstar Dorinda Clark-Cole proves that she still has a winning formula as her fifth solo album Living It debuted in the #2 spot on Billboard’s Gospel Album Sales chart. The debut comes on the heels of a national promotional tour and national television exposure that is making Dorinda Clark-Cole a household name.

“This is a huge honor and I am overjoyed,” says Cole. “After being in this business for as long as I have, it is an incredible feeling to know that people still want to hear my music. This album is my life’s testimony and I am thankful for every person who purchased it and every heart it has touched.”

The $1500 That Started A Multi-Million Dollar Legacy

The $1500 That Started A Multi-Million Dollar Legacy

With composed dignity and humility, Dr. La-Doris McClaney stood before the Los Angeles City Council as January 16, 2015 was proclaimed her day; a honor bestowed because of her significant contributions to the life of the greater Los Angeles community and her humanitarian efforts in the support of worthy charities.

According to Legislative Deputy Justin Wesson, the City of Los Angeles does not declare more than twenty days each year and very few, if any, Black women have been honored with a day.

“The last time I stood before this council was in 1986. My sister Burnie had passed away and my mother Eula McClaney, who was ailing, gave a multi-million dollar gift to eleven charities in Burnie’s honor,” said Dr. La-Doris McClaney. “My hobby is giving.”

But before you give, you have to get - and McClaney’s rags to riches tale involves years of hard work and financial savvy. The real estate magnate and philanthropist worked with her mother to create their fortune piece by piece - literally. Their first property was a house was purchased for $1500, every cent of which came from selling sweet potato pie slices for ten cents each.

“My late sister and I did the PR with all of our friends at school and after we so many slices of pie then mother would give us a free slice of pie,” McClaney recalls.

Nine years later, the house held 33 tenants, and their family was ready to expand their real estate horizons outside their hometown of Philadelphia. On a trip to California, her mother purchased a hotel off Manchester and La Brea for a summer home for the family. But after her parents divorced, and they moved permanently to California, and in the mid 60’s, they began to purchase more properties.

“We started purchasing properties on the east side and gathered quite a bit,” she says. “We realized that going into a white lending institution you would not receive the amount of money or the credit that you needed in the favorable areas, so that’s what started us going west.”
Their business deals spread all the way to Santa Monica, and their acquired properties began stacking up fast.
“We had an incredible broker and we dealt primarily with him,” McClaney says. “He was white Jewish, and the owners did not know blacks was purchasing their property.

One of the family’s biggest moves was from La Brea to Beverly Drive, where they purchased a four-unit apartment building, for which they paid 99-5.
“It’s now worth like a million,” she says. “It was a big differentiation. But people were not making the money that we make today either.”
But through their financial gains, the McClaney clan was always devoted to their jobs as philanthropists. McClaney’s mother started her charitable work in Pennsylvania, where she took care of and gave to foster children and others who were facing hard times.

“When we came to LA that was something that continued on in our life,” McClaney says. They even ran a residential care facility for developmentally disabled adults for many years in one of their properties.
But they would have never been able to give so much had they not earned it - and McClaney says the key to garnering such financial success is scrimping and saving.

“It’s all about the sacrifice in terms of saving your money, having a goal, setting that goal and sticking with that goal and moving forward,” she believes. “You have to keep it moving.”

“My mother raised Burnie and I with the Word, there is nothing in your vocabulary that says can’t. You can do anything you want to do if you remain focus.”

But even whilst she was selling properties and gaining notoriety in Los Angeles real estate, McClaney and her sister spent years working other jobs on the side, including teletyping for the LA Sheriff’s Office.

“When I started out at the Los Angeles Sheriff department I started out with $319 per month. Now they are starting out with $4 and $5 thousand per month, so look at the difference.”

McClaney’s mother passed last December of natural causes, leaving her daughter to run their company with the same devotion and compassion from which it began.

“She has been greatly poor - she couldn’t describe how poor has been because she was just that poor.” McClaney first came to associate her family as “rich” when Dun and Bradstreet registered her mother in the “Millionaire Plus” category.

On top of McClaney’s multi-million dollar donation to eleven different charities in her sister’s honor, McClaney has given many other large gifts, particularly in the educational realm. She’s anonymously put five students through HBCU schools, and she recently gave a million dollars to Charleston University and another million to Cookman University.

“I made my mother a promise back when we were honored in 1986,” she says. “She said to me ‘La Doris, who would have ever thought that a poor black woman from the back Ville of Alabama could raise from a cotton field to home field? I want to you this day to promise me you will keep that legacy going and you will keep building on it and that you will continue to give .’”

Shaquille O’Neal Launches Wireless Speaker

Shaquille O’Neal Launches Wireless Speaker

Former Los Angeles Lakers player Shaquille O’Neal collaborated with Monster to create a new floating wireless speaker called Monster Superstar Back Float.

According to O’Neal, Back Float is a Bluetooth speaker that can be taken to the shower and submerged under water without being damaged.

Hotel Prices & Fees Skyrocket

Hotel Prices & Fees Skyrocket

Airline prices aren’t the only fees that keep going up. The next time you travel, get ready to spend more on hotels.

The average U.S. hotel rate in 2014 was the highest ever — up 4.6% to $115 per night — and industry experts are predicting a 5.2% increase by the end of this year.

And like airlines you can expect to now pay for such things as checking in early, that room with the view or a king size bed at some hotels.


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Concerns Raised At CPUC Hearing Over Comcast Time Warner Cable Merger

The proposed $45 billion Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger was alternately blasted and supported by over two dozen speakers at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) hearing held last Wednesday in San Francisco.

In a lengthy public comment portion of the meeting, representatives of nonprofits serving African Americans and other people of color, chambers of commerce, consumer advocacy and media groups from throughout the state weighed in on the merits of the proposed merger. If approved, Comcast will be the dominant internet and Cable-TV provider in the state with 1.8 million Cable TV subscribers in the Los Angeles region alone.


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