Growing Clout of First Ladies Helps To Reshape Church And Community Outreach

For more than a century, pastor’s wives were content to sit on the front pew or thereabouts with a pretty hat on or sing in the choir and teach Sunday School.

Saving Grace with Keith David

Keith David is a man who appreciates clichés. Someone told him very early on that the race was not for the swift, but for those who can endure. And endure he has in a career that has spanned three decades in Hollywood and included work in such blockbuster films as "Armageddon", "Platoon", "Road House", "Dead Presidents", "There's Something About Mary"



Church News: L.A. Church Community Mourns Sudden Passing of Bishop Miquail Broadous

The year was 2008. Rosalynn Brookins had hit her stride in life and couldn’t have been happier about it. She was studying theology, had begun preaching in and around Los Angeles, was raising her ten-year old son, Wellington, while caring for her late husband of 19 years, Bishop H. Hartford Brookins, and had just returned from a mission trip to Zambia. ’



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Upfront: Hot Button Issues Facing Los Angeles Voters

Los Angeles County will vote on several hot-button issues at the primary on March 7. After the California November election legalized recreational marijuana and approved a $1.2 billion bond for homeless housing units, voters will have a chance to approve or bypass several critical ballot measures meant to help Los Angeles County execute its November promises.

6 17 2013 - Iyanla VanZant photo shoot

The Day Daryl "Chill" Mitchelle's Life Faded to Black

Most people experience life-altering change over time—a lot of time. That was hardly the case for rapper turned TV actor Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, who saw his life change dramatically in a matter of seconds. One minute it seemed he had it all—a rising profile and impressive screen credits including two successful TV series—“The John Laroquette Show” and “Veronica’s Closet”; ”

Build the Body You Want: "Dance Your Way to Fitness"

While growing up in Cleveland, my mother owned a dance studio. Named after my brother, sister and myself, the Carla Mekall Thomas Dance Studio was where she taught all the neighborhood kids how to dance. This is where we learned ballet, jazz, modern jazz, tap and even gymnastics.


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