Bridging the Great Trump Divide

As the dust settled from what was one of the most sensational and polarizing elections in modern American history—and Donald Trump declared the victor, what had become crystal clear for many was the emergence of “two Americas” and in an alarming number of cases, the division was along racial lines.

Halle Berry Turns Entrepreneur at 50

Halle Berry, who turned 50 earlier this year—shared some pretty big news on Instagram last month. Turns out she’s finally launching that lingerie line she had hinted about. The announcement of the line, dubbed Scandale!—came with a somewhat racy photo of the star.



Saving Grace: Rhyon Nicole Brown

Landing the lead in the Lifetime movie Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Michel’le wasn’t something that Rhyon Nicole Brown thought was in the cards for her. Upon getting the script, Brown felt that being able to replicate the infamous high-pitched voice of Michel’le would be a challenge that casting wouldn’t be able to overlook. ’


betty price

Through the Storm: Star Parker from Addict to Activist

Visit the Facebook page of political activist Star Parker and there’s no denying she’s a dedicated Black Conservative Christian. A significant number of posts loudly voice her opposition to Planned Parenthood’s agenda, she advocates hard for religious freedom, defends the Republican Party and fights passionately against poverty.

6 17 2013 - Iyanla VanZant photo shoot

Blake Re-Elected As Presiding Bishop

The General Assembly, the Legislative Body of the Church of God in Christ, has re-elected Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. to the Office of Presiding Bishop during its 109th Holy Convocation held last month in St. Louis. As leader of the church's Executive Branch, he is responsible for the day-to- day operations of the nearly 6.5 million-member church.

Finding Your Pretty with Drini

Hi! My name is Drini and I am a professional freelance makeup artist and licensed esthetician based in Inglewood. I have been practicing makeup for 10 years and long before I became an esthetician I would always say that great makeup first starts with great skin.


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