One on One With Tessa Thompson

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One on One With Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson Hometown: Los Angeles Big Break: Selma Current Project: South Dakota (2017), Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Annihilation (2018), Sorry to Bother You (2018)

 Incognito could best describe California native Tessa Thompson who, despite being born to famous singer and songwriter Marc Anthony Thompson, has been actively building an acting and music career for years. With an urge to master her craft, the budding actress enrolled in Santa Monica College where she made her debut theatrical appearance in the LA Women’s Shakespeare Company’s 2003 production “The Tempest”. She then transitioned to making television appearances and made her first feature film appearance as Scarlet in the 2006 remake of When a Stranger Calls. Since then, Tessa has been the singer who fell in love with Michael B. Jordan’s character in Creed, a college DJ in Dear White People and the strong, intergalactic woman in Thor. You played Sam in Dear White People. What was your initial reaction to reading the script and why was it important to do this movie? I was really excited to see a script that wanted to talk about these issues or at least begin a dialogue, not to answer any questions but ask a bunch of them in a way that’s also fun and enjoyable and it helps us to ease up a little bit and look each other in the eye and not be so adversarial, that’s why I was taken aback by the script. How do you feel about the obsession millennial’s have about getting likes, getting followers and having a platform to talk about their thoughts? I have a touch and go relationship with this especially since I have a little brother and sister and they are so steeped in this Internet culture. I think its like anything, it has its upside and it has its downside so the Internet daily breaks my heart and then renews it. Tell us about your role in the upcoming movie Thor. Who is Valkyrie? I play Valkyrie who is an elite. She’s a new exciting female character in the universe which I think fans (particularly women) are excited about which is great for me. In the context of these films its so excited because you get to see women that have a connection to a man in some way and in other film it is a reversal because Thor is actually a fan girl of Valkyrie. How has this movie impacted your views and relationship to technology? I think it's made me conscientious. It makes me think about our treatment of the earth. We're actively causing climate change when we don't consider the cost.

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