Triedstone Baptist Church Gets New Home With Miracle Move Of God

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Triedstone Baptist Church Gets New Home With Miracle Move Of God

      Quentin Oden, senior pastor of Triedstone Baptist Church was doing 65 on the 405 Freeway when he says God gave him word that He was about to do something big. Ironically enough, the message came in a song—William Murphy’s “It’s Working”— that Oden wasn’t particularly fond of.

      “The anointing was so strong it felt like I was standing in the pulpit preaching,” Oden recalls. “The lyrics said that this was the season to reap what I had sown.”

      A short time later, Oden received a $2 million offer on the small edifice they owned on Adams near Fairfax. He scouted locations in L.A. for another building but they were way more expensive than Triedstone could afford.

      “Then my wife and I were driving home on the 405 freeway and spot this church,” Oden picks up the story. “I’d seen it a year earlier and it had been listed for $6 million, so I stopped looking. But we decided to get off the freeway and take a [second] look. The building is still available and the price is closer to what we need, but not quite there.”

      With offers still coming, Oden and the trustees decided to list the property, subsequently receiving an offer of $4 million, which the church accepted.

      “That first offer fell out of escrow because the buyer wanted to change the terms,” Oden states. “But within 24 hours they had another buyer who offered more than the previous buyer to close the deal out at $4.2 million, which allowed us to buy the building so that we’re in paid in full. No mortgage, and with enough money in the bank to finish the building off. The Lord worked out all the details.

      “Sometimes I show up at the church and say, Lord, really?”

      At, 21,000 square feet, with a sanctuary that seats 640, the Carson-based church was seven times larger than the building they’d occupied, complete with a huge fellowship hall and built-in music studio. And while a dozen or so members didn’t make the trip, Oden says the Lord has “sent an increase” and they’re already surpassed the numbers they had before.

      With the move his biggest hope is that the miracle God worked for his small church would encourage others.

      “The Lord spoke and then directed every detail including advanced warnings when challenges would come. I had a chance to watch spiritual warfare on a level you could have never imagined. I watched him move people and things out of the way,” said Oden, who has served as pastor of 200-member church for 21 years.

      “It’s still an unfolding story. There are things God is doing for me personally,” reveals Oden, who has since been made moderator of the LAX Urban Center division of the mostly white Southern Baptist Convention.

      “That the Lord moved us to a culture that is very diverse in Carson is not accidental.” Oden continues. “The primary job I’ve been given to do is to declare that our gospel is bigger than our ethnicity. The Lord is calling us to raise praise to a level that is above just our cultural preferences and to get into the thing that the Lord’s most concerned about and that’s the salvation of people. To be as diverse and inclusive we can be and to make sure that no one Jesus died for misses out on the change of getting the gospel because they happen to be born the wrong color. That’s what the Lord invested the $4 million in.”


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