Famed Attorney Tom Mesereau Tapped To Rep Bill Cosby In New Trial

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Famed Attorney Tom Mesereau Tapped To Rep Bill Cosby In New Trial

 Bill Cosby has secured the representation of one of America’s brightest and most famous legal minds as he prepares for a retrial of the sexual assault case that resulted in a hung jury in June.

     Thomas Mesereau, who successfully defended Michael Jackson in his child molestation trial and famed actor Robert Blake, who was accused of murdering his wife, is reported to be the lead counsel in Cosby’s retrial.
     Mesereau, who made his first appearance in court today, asked the judge to postpone the start date of the new trial which had been set for November. The judge later granted the request and the trial is being pushed back to 2018.
     Mesereau, who commended the defense in his trial, had been outspoken during the course of the trial about it being “a weak case”. He subsequently observed  to TMZ that a retrial would be a waste of time.
     “He was tried and convicted in the media before he had a chance to defend himself. I think they shouldn’t retry it”, Mesereau told TMZ, prior to signing on to defend Cosby. They should let him live his life and drop this whole thing.”
     In June, while discussing the hung jury decision of the first trial with a panel of attorneys, Mesereau had this to say:
     “The alleged victim had some problems with her testimony. As reported to me, she apparently told police she had not had contact with him after the alleged incident and they found 72 phone calls. They also found evidence that she apparently had been in contact with him, went back to see him…went to a concert. If these things are true and she made misstatements to the police that could have affected a lot of jurists in terms of her credibility. But also there’s no forensic evidence that was introduced tying Mr. Cosby to anything, and while they read transcripts from his deposition—which can arguably be interpreted as damaging—my understanding is that in those transcripts he also said that everything was consensual. I think the prosecutors thought that [if] they brought in the testimony of other alleged victims that it would win the day and the judge limited them to just one. That’s where they miscalculated.”
     “The judge also gave the prosecution a real gift,” Mesereau added. “A witness came forward who said she roomed at Temple University with Ms. Constand and she was ready to contradict some of Ms. Constand’s statements as I understand it. It was a big win for the prosecution that the defense couldn’t call that witness. If that witness is credible and if that witness gets on the stand and withstands cross examination, the case might be over in a retrial.”

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