Congressional Black Caucus Moves to Censure Trump

Categories // LA Focus Thursday, 18 January 2018

Congressional Black Caucus Moves to Censure Trump

Responding to reports that President Trump declared the nations of Haiti and Africa to be “S---hole countries” during a meeting concerning immigration reform, and subsequently praised Norway in comparison; the Congressional Black Caucus are calling on the President to retract his comments and apologize.

“The President’s bigoted fearmongering is not acceptable and his remarks completely warrant total condemnation and censure from Congress. American immigration policy cannot and should not be guided in any way, shape or form by racism.” Said chairman of the CBC Cedric L Richmond.
The legislation proposed by the CBC claims Trump’s comments are “hateful, discriminatory and racist, and cannot and should not be the basis of any American policy.”
Up to this point, Trump seems expressly indifferent to their criticism. According to the Washington Post, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin had asked President Trump to consider the concerns of the CBC immediately after his vulgar remarks regarding immigration. Trump responded to Durbin saying he “did not particularly care about that bloc’s demands."
Minority leader Nancy Pelosi is supporting the censorship initiative as a co sponsor.
Censure or not, Richmond has said the CBC will continue their efforts to protest the Trump Administration, including what will be their united response at the upcoming State of the Union address.
“We will … discuss how we want to respond to the president’s State of the Union,” Richmond told Buzzfeed. “We could go, we could go and walk out, we could go and hold up fists … or we could not go, or we could hold our own State of the Union, So there’s a million options we could do, but I think the most important part is to let people out there know that we’re still here, we’re still fighting, we really don’t care what he thinks about us,” Richmond told Buzzfeed.

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