Faithful Central To Open Campus on Skid Row

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Faithful Central To Open Campus on Skid Row

You shall be witnesses unto me in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world." (Acts 1:8). It was this biblical commission that led to the birth of the extension of Faithful Central Bible Church in the corridors of Skid Row Los Angeles,” said Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer of his churches opening of a new location on Skid Row.

With a ministry that is seen around the country, in the United Kingdom, Western Europe and parts of Africa, Ulmer, the senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church prayed about how he might be even more effective in his own backyard. The answer, came ironically enough, in the form of an inquiry from Rev. Andy Bales and the leadership of Unions Rescue Mission asking that he bring his church to Skid Row.
“Most churches,” said Ulmer, “leave the skid rows of their community. Several, like us, visit this economically depressed, crime filled community during holidays and even fewer on a monthly or even weekly basis. However, very few if any "plant a congregation" on skid row.
“Our goal is that this will be an extension of our comprehensive ministry based in Inglewood. Union Rescue Mission is unique in its policy of never turning away women with children. However, the Mission has little or no programs or services that target women and children. We plan to extend our ministry to serve this population. We have engaged a site pastor who will lead our ministry on the Row. This campus will be called Champions of the Row - COR. Our call and vision is "Building champions for divine deployment."
The new campus will launch with a weekly full blown worship service with praise and worship, music and hospitality services, housed in the Chapel of URM and extend to discipleship, after school tutoring for the children, training in employment preparation, interviewing techniques and positioning men and women and children to live successful victorious lives. The church is presently in discussions with the Mission and our technology ministries over the possibly of simulcasting the messages from Inglewood to COR, with all other elements of our Sunday gatherings being live.
Counseling will also be provided through The Ulmer Institute, a professional staff of psychologists and social workers trained in a unique Israeli pre- and post trauma technique developed by Dr Ulmer’s partner, Dr Eyal Fruchter, former chief medical officer for the Israeli Army.
“We are called to encourage, inspire and equip men and women to live victorious lives,” Ulmer stat

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