First Lady Files: Genny Moore Crenshaw Church of Christ

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First Lady Files: Genny Moore Crenshaw Church of Christ

Being a pastor’s wife was something that never crossed Genny Moore’s mind—that is until her mother pointed out that she seemed well-suited for the role after noticing how dedicated Genny was to serving at Crenshaw Church of Christ where she’d attended since 1988 before her husband Tyson L. Moore became pastor in 2014. 

   “I thought I was a little too raw for the role,” she admits. “But I’ve found that the hardest part about being a first lady is living in a fish bowl where there are 500 sets of eyes looking at every area of my life.”

   But she’s overcome this challenge by stressing to the congregation that she is human and not one to be put on a pedes-tal. She also strikes a balance between ministry and family by drawing boundaries on time and expectations—especially for her three children Isaiah, Nehemiah and Micaiah. “Every time the building is open, I don’t expect my children to be there,” she notes, “but we do have expectations that they develop their own relationship with God. And we try to set the example.”
   She stays busy by working with the children, young adult and marriage ministries. She also serves as assistant general coordinator for the United Christian Women and holds down a full-time job at Pepperdine University as an office manager in the Humanities and Teacher Education Department.

   Moore credits her previous first lady, Mary Curl with making the transition to first lady a seamless one. “I’d been serving alongside the first lady for years—we are very good friends. We worked on committees and programs together so the transition was very easy. When it was time for the baton to be passed basically she took a step back and I took a step forward.”

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