In Good Taste

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In Good Taste

Doubling as the most indemand caterer in Brooklyn, and formerly one of Bravo’s hottest

 reality TV stars, Chef Roble Ali may not have a lot of time to cook for himself anymore—but when he does, he keeps it simple.

“I’m really a meat and potatoes kinda guy,” the celebrity chef and restaurateur says, expressing his preference for comfort food in lieu of the “fancy” dishes he serves his clients. “I cook comfort foodwith a lot of love.”

“Fancy” may be an understatement for the miraculous dishes Roble and his crew serve to his clients. His catering company, which was also the subject of Bravo’s reality show Chef Roble & Co., has whipped up numerous decadent delights specific to his customers desires, from olive oil sponge cakes served with compressed pineapples, to a collard green cornbread pudding.

His initial inspiration for cooking came from the driven initiative of a ten-year-old.

“I always liked to eat. I figured out that if I wanted to eat well all the time, I’d have to learn to cook well. I got a couple of cookbooks from a book fair one time.

“I figured out hey, I can spend eight bucks on this book, and I can make all the sweets that I want myself, I don’t have to ask anybody for anything, so I was like deal, I’m in.”

Once you've got your ingredients Roblé instructs you to place the mixed greens, fennel, and apple slices in a small mixing bowl. Add citrus juice, olive oil and a sprinkling of salt to the salad and mix to dress.

Once your salad is dressed, place it on a plate (with or without the presidential seal) and finish with citrus segments, parsley leaves, and fennel fronds.


1 handful baby mixed greens

4 half moon slices of green apple

4 orange segments

4 pink grapefruit segments

1 Tbsp juice of the orange

1 Tbsp juice of the pink grapefruit

1 quarter of a bulb thin sliced fennel

4 flat leaf parsley leaves

sprinkling of fennel fronds Roble went off to culinary school after graduation, and learned under the cooking mastership of greats like Chef Chris Santos, one of the celebrity judges on the Food Network’s Chopped.

And there’s more where that came from, Roble has a restaurant in Brooklyn called Streets BK. He’s also a regular contributor on ABC’s “The Chew” and has a signature fragrance, "Clique by Roble”


The only certainty on Roble’s future—he isn’t slowing down any time soon.

“I’m looking to expand and go into daytime television, and you know. Just take it to the moon.”

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