Polling Finds That Voters Would Say No To Oprah Winfrey Run

Categories // LA Focus Thursday, 18 January 2018

Polling Finds That Voters Would Say No To Oprah Winfrey Run

Oprah Winfrey’s rousing acceptance speech may have ignited hopes on the part of a great many Americans of a possible bid for the White House, but polls show that the billionaire media maven would have her work cut out for her if she was seriously thinking of running.

    Fact is, according to polls taken since the January 8 speech, most Americans believe that Winfrey shouldn’t run, and yet those polled only added to the reason for which some say she should run.
     A Politico poll of 1,993 registered voters found that Winfrey would lead Trump by 2 percentage points (40 percent to 38 percent) in an election face off, with 22 percent undecided.
     Among Democrats, Winfrey would lead Trump, 73 percent to 9 percent, while among Republicans Trump wins 76 percent to 11 percent.
In a poll done by NPR, Oprah had a bigger lead, besting Trump by 11 points, 50 percent to 39 percent.
     Still, while 77 percent of those polled had a favorable opinion of Oprah, only 38 percent say she should run in 2020.
     At least for now, Oprah apparently agrees, though that could change if Winfrey begins to take to heart the many voices who are urging her to run.
     In the meantime, anywhere from 16 to two dozen candidates are reportedly considering presidential bids. Among the names being mentioned are L.A. Mayor  Eric Garcetti, Senator Bernie Sanders, Former Vice President Joe Biden, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and billionaire Tom Steyer.

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