Removing Ugly History Costs a Pretty Penny

Categories // LA Focus, Politics Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Removing Ugly History Costs a Pretty Penny

In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville and the anti-white separatists protests across the nation, cities around the country are considering the removal of confederate statues. 

While emotions remain high, the cost of removing what is for many the ugly reminders of this nation’s racist past could cost a pretty penny.

      For officials in Dallas—who have said that they will remove the symbols of Confederacy in their city—the cost of it has been estimated at $1.8 million. In New Orleans, the cost of removing just four statues was $2.1 million, with a chunk of that money going to litigation and safety concerns surrounding protest groups seeking to leave the monuments where they stood. Despite the cost, Baltimore’s Mayor, Catherine Pugh, has said the monuments in her city will come down, hauling four of them away just days after the events in Charlottesville. Richmond, Virginia city officials are also now grappling with how to pay for the removal of monuments they see as divisive symbols that no longer reflect what the city stands for. Meanwhile, the price tag for removing the statues in Charlottesville that lit the spark to the nation’s latest violent discourse on racism was $700K.

            At least 1,503 monuments and symbols honoring the Confederacy/Confederate leaders have been identified around the country. States with the highest amount include Virginia (223), Texas (178), Georgia (174), Mississippi (131) and North Carolina (140). California has just 6. One of them, a plaque honoring Jefferson Davis in San Diego, has already been removed.

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