Saving Grace: Porsha Williams

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Saving Grace: Porsha Williams

    As a young girl of about 13 who was often bullied at school, Porsha Williams took solace in a frequent ritual. She would get the family video camera, set it up in her room, go around the house gathering up her mother’s valuables— and anything she thought was fabulous—then dress up in her Mom’s clothes and make believe she was a talk show host.

     The name of the show she was hosting was appropriately enough “Porsha’s World”. 
“I would pretend I was on QVC and sell items and say, hello, welcome to Porsha’s World,” Williams recounted.
Today, she is living that dream and though she is not yet on QVC, Porsha Williams’ world has rapidly expanded to include a starring role on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, work as an entertainment news correspondent with The Ricky Smiley Morning Show on Dish Nation, a successful wig line, her popular Porsha4Real podcast, and just recently, a co-starring role with Vivica A. Fox, Columbus Short, Cocoa Brown, Gary Dourdan and Carl Payne in Je’Caryous Johnson’s on-stage remake of Two Can Play That Game.
Debuting at number two at the box office in 2001, Two Can Play That Game was a romantic comedy starring Vivica Fox, Morris Chestnut and Gabrielle Union. Williams will take on the role of Connie—originally played by Union, a self-assured, sexy and successful rising executive who is as much a vixen as she is professional.
    A role, it seems, was tailor-made for Williams. 
    “Acting is something that I’ve been wanting to get into for a while now,” Williams said. “I’ve done a couple of other projects and when the opportunity came up to be in a remake of the movie, Two Can Play That Game”, it just seemed right and the role of Connie seemed fitting,” says Williams of the play that is set to run at the Orpheum Theatre October 27-28 and the Terrace Theater in Long Beach on October 29.
“With any role, you can find something to relate to and I like the fact that with the play they are really going into who Connie is and what drove her to be such a powerful force in the workplace and why people look at her as a vixen who made her way to the top doing something other than just working hard. So, it really goes into who she is and I like going deeper.”
With “Housewives” just taking up about four months of the year, she has shared with Bravo execs her desire to do more acting and they have been accommodating.
    “They really encourage me, so as I want to go into acting, they make time for it,” Williams said while taking a brief lunch break from shooting the tenth season of the show which is set to premiere on Sunday, November 5th.
Acting is one of many doors that has opened to Williams since 2012 when she was cast on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, the highest-rated installment of The Real Housewives franchise and the most-watched series airing on Bravo.
“In a lot of projects, they want people who people know and who already have a fan base, so the show has helped,” Williams is quick to point out. “As I go further into the acting world and get some more serious roles that are completely different than who I am or who people see me as, I’ll definitely have to work hard for people to take me serious.”
    Williams is more than up to the challenge, having shown her true grit over the last five seasons of the franchise while suffering a difficult miscarriage, painful divorce, major friendship betrayal, numerous catfights and a physical altercation with Kenya Moore during a season 6 reunion that nearly got her kicked off the show and led to anger management.
    But Williams contends that the show is but a small portion of her life and who she is. 
    “You see an hour show every Sunday and I live my life 24-7, so it’s a very small piece of who I am,” Williams states. “The show is there for entertainment so a lot of what you see is the most entertaining part of whatever situation I’m involved in.”
    What couldn’t be clearer—particularly during last season’s reunion—is that fans are beginning to see a more vulnerable Porsha.
    “When I first started the show, I was very self-conscious,” she recalls. “You’re thinking about the fact that cameras are there. Last year, I just was myself so maybe I’m actually vulnerable in real life.”
    What has kept her through the ups and downs has been her faith.
    “My spirituality is first and foremost in everything I do. I’m a Christian and it’s been the main source of me being confident and me being able to be on television. I know who I am. I trust the gifts that God has given me and I use them.”
But what of those conflicting images on the show?
    “Everyday people—whether you’re on TV or not—have to question themselves. Nobody’s perfect. I believe that God is directing everything that I do and I think at some point we all feel like we go astray, but I’m strong in my faith and I get right back in line. I’m also a strong believer in what’s meant for me will be. So, all the projects and things that are coming my way, I see them as blessings.”
Among those blessings is her thriving hair extensions line, Go Naked Hair (www.gonakedhair.com). So successful is the business that she is in the process of opening a hair salon in partnership with her sister Lauren, that will also feature her products.
Business is a natural for the Georgia peach, whose parents were both entrepreneurs and whose grandfather was civil rights activist, Rev. Hosea Williams.
    “Being that my father was an entrepreneur and my mother is an entrepreneur, it was a natural transition for me straight out of school to go into business,” says Williams, who appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice earlier this year. “The first business I started was Gonakedhair.com and it’s very successful and that’s what’s driving us into having a physical location.”
Her biggest challenge, she says, is trying to keep everything in order.
    “Just because that you have certain talents doesn’t mean that you should try to do every single thing,” Williams noted. “For me, it’s about focus. Right now, I’m really focused in on acting.”
    It is somewhat of a switch from Williams desires to start a family on the last season of “Housewives”. 
    “I’m definitely still looking forward to it, but it’s all in God’s plan, Williams said. “I’m not forcing it. If it happens, it happens with the right guy and I’m looking forward to it and I’m pretty sure that God will bless me with that in His time.” 
     For now, Williams contends that it is her faith that is her saving grace. 

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