First Lady Files: Caroline Barnett

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First Lady Files: Caroline Barnett

As the co-founder of the L.A. Dream Center, alongside her husband Matthew Barnett, Caroline Barnett knows first-hand what it takes to be a leading lady for Christ. “When you're called you can't imagine doing anything else.”

Born in Sweden, her parents came to America for a better life. “My parents American dream was a lot harder than they thought when they moved here so I grew up in Hawthorne and was the only blonde girl in my school. I grew up really rough but my parents really loved Jesus.”

Then at the age of seventeen Barnett had a spiritual awakening after she strayed away from God in her junior and senior year of high school. This ultimately lead her to the Dream Center. “I was still in high school, seventeen years old with braces and the moment I stepped on campus, I thought this is it! This is what I am going to do with the rest of my life.” Over the next three years Caroline worked in every department of The Dream Center and started a successful Food Truck Ministry where food was given out on a daily basis (it has grown to now feeding over 50,000 people each month).

Years later after working side by side with Pastor Matthew, the two were married after dating just six months. Since then Caroline has been responsible for programs such as Project Prevention, which is designed to keep children with their parents rather than allowing the state to separate them. In conjunction with that a Women’s Ministry was birthed because God told Barnett that the women of the church were to be the army behind the program. She feels that it is a God-given mandate to inspire the women of her church to find their God-given passion to change this world.

When asked about balancing life and ministry Barnett says, “It's one of those things that constantly needs adjustment. You are never perfectly balanced. I take it in seasons. I wrote a book called Willing To Walk On Water and I talk about how God is looking for a willingness and our level of willingness looks different in every season.”

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