First Lady Files: Larleslie McDaniel

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A Place of Worship

First Lady Files: Larleslie McDaniel
As a First Lady, Leslie McDaniel—wife of Pastor Sheridan McDaniel (A Place of Worship in Fullerton)—
knows her place: to be a good wife and to support the ministry God has called him to.
She’s an administrator by trade, but that doesn’t scratch the surface of what Larleslie brings to the table. From worship
leader to graphic design and coordinating conferences, he casts the vision and she makes it happen.
“My husband is my biggest motivation,” said the L.A.
native who has known him since she was 14.“We grew up together in the same church. He became a minister at 19. He started a bible study not long after being called and I was a part of that for many years.”
Despite their history, Larleslie did not know she was going to be married to her husband.
“We evolved into best friends and then into a dating relationship. It's kind of like we have been doing the same thing we’ve been doing for years. I used to go to revivals and I was the guest singer and he was the guest preacher.”
Larleslie’s biggest challenge is tempering her passion and “making sure that you are not always constantly giving
out and leaving yourself empty.”
“What’s most important to me is lifestyle, so I do a lot with my team in making sure what we sing is what we live—that worship is not only a Sunday activity. What I love about being his wife is that he is a worshiper at home.
We fast and pray together. We are excited about what the Lord is doing in Orange County.”

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