In Style With leslie young

In Style With leslie young

I can bet that at least a handful of you will resolve to get in shape this coming year. And, yes, I’m part of that handful. Exercise is a very necessary part of life, but is often the thing we make the least time for. Thanks to so many new and stylish sportswear options, women can now go out for a workout and then tackle a few errands with stylish confidence.

Getting a good fitting bra is especially important when it comes to sports bras. The extra high-impact activity can prove to be painful if you’re not properly fitted. This can also lead to back pain and more serious health risks. Look for sports bras with a tight and wide band at the bottom and opt against strappy or adjustable straps over your shoulders. Wide shoulder straps are best and most comfortable. When trying on a sports bra, be sure to jump up and down, bend down and touch your toes and move your arms around to make sure you’re comfortable.

In Style with Leslie Young

In Style with Leslie Young

If I had to choose, I’d say Fall is my favorite season. The cooler temps invite you to layer up and mix and match to your heart’s content. Fall also brings a reason to change up your footwear options. But before you pull out your boots and booties, take a look at my five must have boots for Fall.

Your daily boot is the boot you can pull out at a moment’s notice and add to any Fall outfit. A dark leather boot is optimal and is easier to maintain. It will hide scuffs and dirt better than light fabric. Wear them with bright colored tights and a short dress or with a pair of jeans. Of all of your boots, these are the ones you don’t want to skimp on. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

In Style With Leslie Young

In Style With Leslie Young

Have you ever received an invitation to a networking mixer or an after-hours office event where the suggested attire is “business casual?” Just what exactly is considered business casual? Can I wear open toe sandals with a blazer? Can I wear a short suit? When I think of business attire, Olivia Pope from the hit series Scandal comes to mind. When I think of casual attire, it’s many of the cardigan outfits First Lady Michelle Obama wears so effortlessly. You could say that’s an accurate depiction of business casual, but how do you bring that into your closet?


In Style With Leslie Young

Leslie YoungFathers get a bad rap! Sure, some aren’t doing what they should but the same can be said about some mothers. As I get off my soapbox, I’d like to honor the faithful fathers this Father’s Day.

Mysteriously, while I never have trouble finding a restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day, I always seem to get hung up on finding that perfect gift. This year I think I’ve got it nailed with a mini Father’s Day Gift Guide for the stylish father in your life. – Keep Father’s Day going all year long. By subscribing for as low as $20/month, a box of men’s products will be shipped to the father in your life. Products vary from month to month but include products like RicherPoorer Socks, Dr. Dewy Lip Cure, Ministry of Supply Atmos Base Layer Tee, RIADA by Adair Tie Bar and much more. – Give your father a baseball hat just in time for summer. Customize it with images or text making it extra special and memorable. Better yet, let him customize it himself by giving him a gift card.

Comfy shoes – UGG brand boots are known for their comfort and style, but it gets better. UGG also has a line of canvas slip-ons which are perfect for the out and about father who isn’t a fan of sandals but doesn’t like the bulk of a tennis shoe. These slip-ons are so light; he’ll barely know he has them on.

Cool tie – Chambray is the perfect spring/summer fabric. It’s light and casual but can be dressed up when the setting calls for it. J.Crew has some awesome chambray ties at remarkably reasonable prices. This is the perfect gift for the fashionable father in your life.

I hope these ideas will spark your interest and that you have a blessed Father’s Day!

For more fashion insights follow Leslie socially on Twitter and Instagram @fashiondujour. Send your fashion questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This Month's Spotlight

My interest is always piqued when I come across products that serve a purpose beyond fashion. Angry Elephant Clothing was inspired in 2008 by the often overlooked endangered elephant population and the poaching crisis.

Founders, James Rounds and Albert Felder brought on brand and outreach specialist, Tyrone Felder to help spread the word about this cause.

In 2012, Angry Elephant Clothing re-launched their brand after an unexpected setback resulting from their artwork being stolen. Determined to press-on, Angry Elephant Clothing has been on a mission to bring awareness to this cause and is becoming a universal symbol for those who cry out against injustice particularly within the Urban American community.

They’ve also created shirts to reflect their support to find a cure for cancer and autism.

Now, Angry Elephant Clothing is expanding by partnering with clothing boutiques and other fashion outlets.

To support the cause and learn more visit to buy your own tee, hoodie or baseball cap. You can also find them on Facebook – Angry Elephant 1969.


In Style with Leslie Young

ShatiekoMay is what I call the ‘gateway to summer’ month. Aside from post-New Year’s Day, it’s the time of the year when my Instagram feed is filled with images of people working out and eating healthy in hopes of getting swimsuit ready for summer. Whether you’re working on slimming down or not, the key to looking and feeling good in a swimsuit is to choose the best suit for your body type.

Besides car shopping, there’s nothing I enjoy less than swimsuit shopping, but I’d rather take the time to find the right swimsuit than not and wish I had. Here are some tips for making sure your swimsuit hunt is short, sweet and successful.

Top Heavy – To balance a full bust and not so full hips, look for a patterned swimsuit with a built in bra to hold you in and give you the support you need. A one-piece suit with gathering at the high-hip between the chest and lower hip will flatten your belly and balance out your bust and hips.

Small Bust – While a padded, push-up top might do the trick, often times they don’t create the classy look I know you want. Instead, try a thin-strap halter suit with a high-waist bottom. This will draw attention down to your legs and away from the appearance of a smaller chest. Either a one-piece or two-piece will do the trick.

Pear Shape – You want to show off a small waist but downplay wide hips. Look for a swimsuit with a dark vertical pattern or detail down the middle. This will elongate your midsection and balance out your curves.

Plus-Sized - You’re not forced to wear a one-piece. In fact, there are many flattering two-piece options that will give you the look you desire. Look for solid colored suits or suits with a lighter pattern on top and darker pattern on bottom. You’ll also want to find a suit with ample back coverage and sturdy straps so that you’re not constantly adjusting.

With all of these looks, you may feel most comfortable wearing a netted sarong or even a floor-length sheer robe. This very popular option offers full coverage without looking like you’re hiding.

For more fashion insights follow Leslie on Twitter & Instagram: @fashiondujour. Send your fashion inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

L.A. native, Shatieko Wilson (pictured above) is a ‘renaissance woman’. She’s multi-talented and great at everything she puts her mind to. Muse of June is a passion of hers that started back when Shatieko was a child playing in her closet, which she admittedly still does.

This one-of-a-kind online accessory boutique slated to launch in June, no pun intended, will offer all hand-made pieces made from metal, dyed woods, resin and silks.

These pieces are designed with the intent of sparking a conversation as they can easily stand alone as the statement piece of your outfit.

Shatieko, who also goes by Tieko Nejon, is extremely passionate about everything her hands set to do. She believes she has what she has because God saw fit to uniquely equip and charge her with it. She chooses everyday to accept His grace and live out her calling unashamed and with no apologies.

Meet Shatieko on June 29th at her pop up shop. For more information about Muse of June and her upcoming pop-up shop dates visit

In Style With Leslie young

In Style With Leslie young

Does the thought of Spring cleaning make you cringe? Me too! While I may not have the answers for washing your windows and scrubbing your baseboards, I can certainly offer some tips on cleaning out his closet, their closet and your closet.

Tip 1: Trash, Stash or Donate. Make three piles of items you will trash, stash away or donate. You’ll need to be brutally honest and may require help from a good friend. If an item is in good condition but hasn’t been worn in a year, donate it. Keep your receipt for a tax write-off. If a favorite item has holes and stains, you know it’s not a keeper. Trash it. Last, if you have “goal” items - items you’ve kept in your closet to wear after you reach that elusive goal weight – it’s time to get rid of them. Chances are you paid a pretty penny for these “goal” items and can’t part with them for free. Consignment stores offer to sell clothes for you while retaining a percentage of the sale price. Otherwise, try The only items left in your closet should be in good condition and worn at least once a quarter.

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