Finding Your “Pretty” Through Style & Fashion

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Finding Your “Pretty” Through  Style & Fashion

Finding your personal style and fashion can be a struggle.  I’ll admit I’ve been there before - multiple times.  Personal style and fashion should reflect where you are in your life and career. Great style empowers you to approach each day with confidence and genuine feelings of attractiveness. Being pretty!  Believe it or not the right wardrobe can make a huge difference in your professional and personal life. It may be a struggle, but it’s doable.

Here are 4 tips to help you create your personal style and fashion.

Get To Know You

"Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."

                                                           - Epictetus (Greek philosopher)

Style begins with YOU! Personal style and fashion is about getting to know yourself and becoming connected with the essence of who YOU are – your unique personalityYour taste, likes, dislikes, desires and motivations. Creating your personal style and fashion is the art of combining an outfit or image to match various aspects of your personality and life.

Define Your Style

Defining your style type provides a logical starting point. Defining your style begins by embracing who you are. Doing so allows you to determine what is most appropriate for your personal style choices and why. Everyone fits into one or more of five basic style types: Classic, Chic, Whimsical, Bohemian and Avant-GardeKnowing your individual style type provides clarity and helps you identify in which of these fashion directions you will go. Most importantly what will your choices say to the stranger on the street? Be sure to make use of current trends.

Purge Your Wardrobe

When creating your wardrobe, less is better. So go through your closet and identify clothing you haven’t worn in the past year. From these items determine what can be incorporated into the new style you envision. Donate the remaining clothing to friends or charitable organizations

Know How To Put Outfits Together

Having lots of nice single pieces of clothing may not provide the desired impact when worn unless you learn how to put them together into an outfit Study color wheels to learn what colors complement each other. Learn when to rock heels and when to slip on sneakers instead.

Use Accessories

For fashionable women it’s not just their clothes that look great, it’s the punctuation provided by great accessories. Great style is so often in the details. Jewelry and other accessories can elevate an outfit from adequate to fabulous. Purses can be much more than simply portable storage. In fact, they can sharply accentuate and complete any look.

Define your own style. Allow it to speak for you and tell the world who you are. Dare to redefine and adorn yourself in style and fashion that brings forth the uniquely attractive and wonderfully pretty...YOU.

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