Atlanta Housewife Cashes In On Passion For Hair

Categories // LA Focus, On the Money Tuesday, 09 May 2017

Atlanta Housewife Cashes In On Passion For Hair
Catfights, cattiness, glitz, fash- ion and secret revelations
have fueled the success of one of cable TV’s most successful franchises— Bravo’s Real Housewives—grow- ing it into an empire with an esti- mated net worth of over half a bil- lion dollars. But Bravo execs aren’t the only ones cashing in on the platform of the 2 million+ viewers on any given night. From clothing lines and sex toys to eyewear and Pinot Grigio, the house- wives themselves are racking up some big profits with some lucrative business startups, the latest of which comes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore. Last month, Moore embarked a national tour to pro- mote her Kenya Moore Hair Line, a collection of sulfate, phosphate and paraben-free products designed to grow hair longer and thicker. “I’ve always had a passion for hair care,” states the Detroit native, who was crowned Miss USA in 1993. “My grandmother used to tell me as a child that your hair was your crowning glory. That’s stuck with me my entire life and I feel like I just want to empower other women to love their hair. “As women, we like to change it up with a weave or a wig or extensions, color—things like that, but what I believe most empowers women is when they’re proud of what they have natu- rally. I just want to help women get their hair back healthy and strong and for them to feel good about themselves.” Priced from $14.99 to $16.99, the line includes growth repair shampoo and conditioner, a growth serum and restorative growth mask. “I also have a product coming out that addresses edges and help- ing them to grow back your edges,” Moore reports. “It’s a big concern in our community because we’ve got- ten traction alopecia from the weave and lace-fronts and the dam- age from the glue that has led to permanent hair loss in a lot of black women.” The line—available from Sally’s beauty and online at—is what Moore works on full- time the seven months out of the year she’s not taping The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “I have partners, but it is borne from my passion for hair care. I have a big part in the developmental stages and formulas. It is 100% black-owned, double minority and it’s growing exponentially,” she reports. “It’s amaz- ing the response that we’ve gotten from the fans. People who have tried it absolutely love it.” And being that Moore is the face of her brand, being on the show has provided a big boost to sales. “Obviously, the Real Housewives gives us a plat- form of millions worldwide every time the show airs,” Moore observes. “That’s a marketing plat- form with a broad reach that we’re not paying for. My brand is already recognized globally from London to South Africa.” Her business acumen is the result of her experience as a producer of seven films and TV projects as well as prior business endeavors including her fitness video, Booty Boot Camp. For her fearlessness, she credits her grandmother. “She always taught me that I could do anything that I dreamed of doing. I don't have limitations on myself. I don’t feel that a “no” is the end of my journey. I’m a finisher. Icanbetold100no’sandallIneedisone yes and if I don’t get the one yes, I’ll create the yes for myself.” And the woman who is constantly asked ‘is that your real hair?’ has only just begun. “What’s next,” she says, “is what I’m doing now—cultivating the Kenya Moore brand of beauty/hair care. I have a product I truly believe in. Others who have tried it have had great success with my hair care and I just want to see it expanding and to develop more products. Becoming the next Madame CJ Walker, that’s really my goal. She was a positive woman in American his- tory who helped a lot of people feel better about themselves, but also encouraged them to be great businesswomen as well.”

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