World’s Highest Paid Athletes

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World’s Highest Paid Athletes

Forbes has released its 2017 list of the world’s highest paid athletes

and it might surprise some to know that Lebron James is not #1. Instead soccer star Christiano Ronaldo scored the top slot earning a whopping $93 million. With $80 million in earnings, Lebron James came in at number two. Other blacks in the top ten included Kevin Durant at #5 with $60.6 million, Stephen Curry at #8 with $47.3 million, James Harden at #9 with $46.6 million and Lewis Hamilton closing out the top ten with $46 million. Russell Westbrooks’ $38.6 million earned him the #13 slot while Damian Lillard was close behind at #15 with $38.4 million. 
Tiger Woods who has topped the list six of the last ten years was a little off this year, pocketing $37.1 million to come in at #17. Dwayne Wade bowed in at #19 with his $36.2 million; Derrick Rose at #22 with $34.3 million and Jamaica’s Usain Bolt (the only athlete in track and field to make the top 100 list) weighed in at #23 with $34.2 million.
Serena Williams, the only woman to make the list ranked #51 with $28 million and while Floyd Mayweather topped the list last year with $300 million, didn’t make the cut. 
So how did L.A. athletes fare? L.A. Clippers star Chris Paul ranked #35 (30.9 million) Blake Griffin at #44 ($28.1 million) and DeAndre Jordan at #85 ($22.2 million).

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