One on One: With Kim Fields

Categories // LA Focus, One On One Tuesday, 05 September 2017

One on One: With Kim Fields

Kim Victoria Fields

Hometown: Harlem, New York

Big Break: The Facts of Life

Current Projects: A Question of Faith 

Kim Victoria Fields Hometown: Harlem, New York Big Break: The Facts of Life Current Projects: A Question of Faith From playing Dorothy ‘Tootie” Ramsey on the 1970s show Facts of Life, to playing Regine Hunter on Living Single, Kim Fields has been a force to reckon with. Fields acting and performing career was fostered and encouraged by her mother, actress Laverne "Chip" Fields. The Harlem native’s most recent role is that of Theresa Newman in Kevan Otto’s movie “The Question Of Faith”. The film is about three separate families faced with tragedy and the resulting decision to uncover the path to identifying God’s love, grace and mercy through their difficult situation. When you first read the script, what came up for you? I read it as an actor and I looked at that role and thought “O my Gosh” I could really sink my teeth into this role and as an actor you look for those opportunities as they are not frequent—especially for women and for black people so for me it was really about the work that I know I was opened up to do. On the heels of that I have to say it was the messages and the fact that it was a faith friendly film. The film is about having faith in hard situations. Was there a time in your life that you could relate to when having faith was hard for you? There was a situation where it’s very difficult to find your way with your faith. Right before my 22nd birthday I was in a car crash and the driver in the vehicle I was in was killed. I started questioning why did that happen and why did this person die and I didn’t. For me it was a matter of it didn’t take God by surprise and you have a purpose. My husband and I also suffered two miscarriages before the birth of our two sons. One was on my birthday (Mothers Day) and one was on New Years Day. You have to trust and believe that this didn’t take God by surprise. As my husband said, ‘you can’t worry and remember at the same time.’ You have quiet an impactful acting career, how would you describe your journey? That was a huge blessing, especially transitioning from Facts of Life then taking a break and appearing on shows like Martin and Fresh Prince. Then to go into a show like Living Single playing Regine is an actor’s dream. It was certainly a wonderful challenge, artistically speaking.. How have you been able to maintain that presence in the public eyes while handling the responsibilities that come with that role? My mother Chip and the rest of my village that raised me made sure I kept my sanity. There are so many people who have been responsible for me being on their shows and they just made sure I learned my craft and just really sticking with and evolving as an actor and a director/producer. So that I wasn’t starving creatively and at the same time not draining my batteries emotionally, always making sure I was doing something.

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