Pastor Profile: Pastor William Turner Jr.

Pastor Profile: Pastor William Turner Jr.

Church: New Revelation Missionary Baptist Chruch 
How Long: 50 years 
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana
Family: Married to Wilma Louise Turner for 58 years and father of three
Pastor Profile: Pastor Rudy Hagood

Pastor Profile: Pastor Rudy Hagood

What brought you to ministry?

I’ve been in ministry since 2000. My brother, Fate Hagood, who’s seven years older than me, started preaching when he was 15. People would ask are you are going to be like your brother and I would say no. I was on a different path. I went to Florida A&M on a basketball scholarship, but I was not ready for that so I came back home and started attending his church. 

Pastor Profile: Bishop Leon Martin

Pastor Profile: Bishop Leon Martin

Church: Love, Peace and Happiness Church
How Long: 43 years
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Family: Married 44-years to Jacqueline Martin, 3 Children, 8 Grandchildren 
Radio Program: KJLH, Saturdays, 7am
Pastor Profile: Rev. Tyron Robinson

Pastor Profile: Rev. Tyron Robinson

Tyron Delbert Robinson

Church: Pilgrim’s Hope Baptist Church

Years Preaching: 25

Education: University of California at Berkley

Wife & Children: Jasmine Morton-Robinson, four children

How did you come to accept the call on your life?

It was over a series of time. I’d go to church and really enjoyed everything about church as a child and it just came. Some days I started recognizing the voice of God speaking to me early on and then I was about 13-years-old singing in church and it was clear as day to me that there’s something more to this than just participating in the choir or helping around the church. I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I started and pastored my first church when I was 24 in 2000.


Pastor Profile: Rev. Mary Minor

Pastor Profile: Rev. Mary Minor

Church: Brookins Kirkland Community AME

How Long: A year and a half

Family: Divorced mother of two children (son and daughter)           

Education: Claremont School of Theology

Full Time Occupation: Senior [project management] consultant for Kaiser Permanente


Pastor Profile: Rev. Dr. J. Benjamin Hardwick

Pastor Profile: Rev. Dr. J. Benjamin Hardwick

Church: Praises of Zion (“Praise City”)
How Long: 61 years since founding the church in 1955 at age 24
Family: Wife of 58 years, Thelma, two grown children
Hometown: Los Angeles

Key Position: President of Western Baptist State Convention, representing 312 churches in the state of California Reflecting back on founding the church at 24, how has the L.A. church community changed?

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