Pastor Profile: Pastor Theo Wilkins • Three Oaks Baptist Church

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Pastor Profile:   Pastor Theo Wilkins  •  Three Oaks Baptist Church

Name: Pastor Theo Wilkins
Church: Three Oaks Baptist Church
Hometown: Los Angeles California
Education: Bethany Bible College, USC (programs), Los Angeles Bible College
Family: Divorced, 3 children

When did you receive the call to ministry?

I was called to ministry at the age of 13. I’ve been preaching 20 plus years and pastoring 11 years now.


How did you get saved?

Being saved was not an option growing up in my parents’ house. It definitely was a mandate and I had no other choice but to accept Jesus as my personal savior. But I didn’t feel pressured at any point. They started teaching us at an early age, so once we came into the full mature knowledge of Christ it wasn’t foreign to us, it was really natural because that was just how we grew

What was life like growing up for you?

Life for me definitely revolved around family and church, I’ve been in church all of my life, and church is the majority of what I know. All I do is church.

How did you get connected to Three Oaks?

The Lord called me to Three Oaks church at a time when they were in need of spiritual leadership and a pastor.

What were you doing when you received the call from Three Oaks?

Funny thing is, I was at church. It was the moment I was getting ready to dismiss church and I received a call from Three Oaks Church saying that I was the new pastor, and it was definitely a moment I will never forget. Growing from where he called me to where I am now is definitely one of the greatest experiences in my life.

Do you have a theme that you use during preaching?

My theme is simple: stay committed, connected and consistent to God and His church. I came up with the theme because I notice we had a lack in church. We have a lack of commitment, we have a lack of consistency and we have a lack of connection. So those were the three areas that the Lord assigned me as a pastor to work on in the local church.

So what is your preaching style?

I’ve been known to be very charismatic, very radical and out of the box, as they call it, but I thank God for that. God blessed me to be universal in my preaching. I know how to affect and cater and serve any crowd, whether its babies to teenagers to young adults, middle age to senior citizens. At Three Oaks, every age group is covered, so my preaching style is very universal.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a preacher?

There are many challenges, especially being a single pastor in Los Angeles.

One of the [personal] challenges I face is discipline. You have to study and you have to be consistent and sow what you are studying, making sure I stay reading, so I can rightly divide the word of truth.

What you practice becomes a habit so I make sure that I always have a book, my Bible and my iPad. I preach a lot. I’m always somewhere preaching, so I make sure I stay studying.

What would you characterize as your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is praise. Praise is easy for me to do, I love praising God, I love teaching about praise. I love preaching about praise. That’s my greatest strength. Generally people know me as the praising preacher.

What have you accomplished as a preacher that you wouldn’t have otherwise?

Reaching people, being influential in our community and being a pastor have definitely opened doors. Pastors are very influential people in the community so I know that God has placed me on a platform where I am able to reach people. Being on that platform and the respect that people have for pastors has definitely opened a door.

What is a defining moment in your life?

When I preach in any setting and somebody, not matter who it is, comes to me and tells me that the sermon changed their life. To see other lives changed, definitely changed my life.

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