“I am a King among idiots on the right and the left. Not fun, but it is what it is. So, rest assured in this: The Lord says ‘Vengeance is his and I pray that I am the tool to stab these MF’s. This begins the rebellion, and I will not bow before an illegitimate government not now, not tomorrow, not if they imprison me…”
The words were spoken by Ali Alexander, one of the principal organizers of the “Stop the

Steal” rally that preceded the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. The night before the rally he was reportedly heard chanting, “victory or death” among a gathering of Trump supporters.

Alexander—who says he came up with the idea for the rally and is the founder of “Stop the Steal”— didn’t disavow what happened next— the worst attack on the U.S. Capitol in history.

However, at press, he was on the run and in hiding.

Quite a different scene from last month when Alexander stood before a crowd in Arizona and said, “We’re going to convince them to not certify the vote on January 6 by marching hundreds of thousands, if not millions of patriots, to sit their butts in D.C. and close that city down, right?”

Or just two weeks ago, when according to the Daily Beast, Alexander—who identifies as black and Arab— tweeted, “If they do this, (referring to Congress blocking objections to the electoral vote), everyone can guess what me and 500,000 others will do to that building.”

He is claiming to have had assistance from three sitting GOP congressman in the planning of the January 6 event. One of them is now disavowing him. A second, Arizona rep Paul Gosar, is tied to Alexander in dozens of social media postings. A third, Mo Brooks, is being heavily criticized for what he told the revved-up crowd of Trump supporters before they headed to the capitol.

Said the Alabama congressman, “Today is the day America’s patriots start taking down names and kicking ass.”

Like Trump, he is not accepting any blame for what happened at the Capitol. And like Trump, he has been banned from twitter as well as PayPal and Venmo, which has become problematic given his dependence on supporters for the $2000 a day he told them he needed for his security detail and other expenses while he is on the lam.

This would not be the right-wing conspiracy theorist’s first run-in with the law. Past felony convictions include property theft, credit card abuse and possession of child pornography. He became active in politics over a decade ago, subsequently becoming an ardent supporter of Donald Trump and a popular conservative blogger with upwards of 100,000 Twitter followers.

While Alexander went into hiding following the attack on the Capital, he claims to have done nothing wrong, tweeting last week, “I do believe that we own the U.S. Capitol. So, I’m not apologizing for nothing.”

The FBI is seeking information leading to his arrest.


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