By Staff 

Pastor George Hurtt of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church saw a need and rose to the occasion. Teaming up with fellow pastors, Hurtt will be holding a Christmas giveaway for residents looking to give their children a memorable holiday, despite this year’s many challenges.

“People are hurting financially during this time, especially parents. We don’t want children to suffer and miss out on the holiday in our church and in our community. I reached out to a few pastor friends of mine and they felt the same way,” Pastor Hurtt explained. “Pastor Shane Scott from Macedonia Baptist Church in Watts, Pastor Welton Pleasant from Christ Second Baptist Church in Long Beach, Pastor Terry Brown from Liberty Baptist Church and Judson Baptist Church, in Los Angeles and Carson, respectively. It’s about families and kids and knowing that these are unusual and strange times and not wanting to add to the already mental strain and economic difficulty that people are facing.”

The pastors decided to join forces to expand their reach and impact more people.

“Churches fellowship with each other, we all love each other and respect each other’s leadership. We want to use this as an opportunity to affect more communities. While our congregations aim to benefit from it, it’s not solely for our congregations. We want the communities that surround our churches to also be able to come out and benefit from it and show the love of Christ,” Hurtt expressed.

The event is set to get underway on December 20 at Noon at all five church locations. Hurtt says that all are welcome.

“We don’t want anyone left behind. Our office knows that whoever calls, that’s who we’re serving, that’s who we’re reaching out to, that’s who we’re trying to help out,” he said. “I think this is a season where people could really use the thoughts of gifts and a morale booster in light of everything going on.”