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Bishop Charles Blake Says He Won’t Pursue Another Term as COGIC’s Presiding Prelate and...

Staff       For the last 13 years, he has led the nation’s largest African-American denomination and has been viewed as one of the country’s most...
Bishop Charles Blake Cover

People: “Bishop Charles Blake Says He Won’t Pursue Another Term”

“Bishop Charles E. Blake was to the Church of God in Christ what the Apostle Paul was to the first century church,” said Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Senior Pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church

Over 100 Clergy Join Operation Unity to Fight Police Brutality

Staff       Over 100 local clergy and members of the church community will gather at the steps of five city’s City Halls on Oct. 22...

California Churches Suing Governor Newsom Say They Have a Right to Sing

Three northern California churches are suing Governor Gavin Newsom in an attempt to overturn his ban on singing and chanting inside places of worship. On behalf...
Pastor Jawane Hilton

Church News: Jawane Hilton Seeks Second Term

“[It's] important to address the food desert that is in north Carson.” “We’re looking forward to how we can increase the budget and try to bounce back after COVID,” - Pastor Hilton

Two Pastors Merge Churches in Hopes of Healing Racial Divides

Staff A white pastor and a Black pastor in North Carolina have decided to merge their congregations in an attempt to lessen racial divides and...

Rev. Terry Brown to be Installed Pastor at Judson Baptist Church

Staff       In April, the L.A. faith community mourned the loss of Pastor Dr. Johnny Baylor, noted preacher, founder and senior pastor of the Carson-based Judson Baptist...

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