First Lady Heather Bourne can do it all. She’s the author of the recently released, 31-day devotional book, “Look On The Bright Side,” producer and host of the show, “Eat, Move, Live,” a Second Baptist Church representative for their City of Hope partnership, a mother of two and works in real estate management full time. But despite all of the things on her plate, she says that her main priority as first lady is to be a support system for her husband and pastor Chris Bourne. 

“My first ministry is my husband because as long as he’s prayed up and doing well with everything at home, that helps him be free to do ministry for the church,” Bourne said.

Bourne grew up in Detroit, Michigan and spent her teen and college years in Georgia. She met Chris through a very unlikely person – her ex-boyfriend.

“My ex and I were friends and he knew I was a church girl,” she jokingly recalled. “He met my husband at a barbershop while they were waiting to get their hair cut.”

Even though she’s been a first lady for 16 years, the couple took over Second Baptist Church right before the pandemic hit and now she’s looking forward to getting back in church and truly getting to know the congregation.

“We want to continue to love on the people. Especially for me, the women. I’m very transparent, very real and very relatable,” she expressed. “I just want to encourage the women to follow God but at the same time, through their testimony, know their journey is going to bless someone else.”