When First Lady Khalilah Tulloss met Reverend K.W. Tulloss of the Historical Weller Street Baptist Church as a child, she never thought they’d end up married. But after reconnecting after a few years, the rest was history.

            Khalilah was born in Arkansas but moved to Gardena, California at a young age. Growing up in a first family, she’s very familiar with the ins and outs of being a first lady after watching her mother.

“(The role) is important because you have the ability to impact other women and young people so I definitely take the role seriously,” she expressed. “But at the same time, I think I can just be me. I know I’m representing God and I know that I have to carry myself in a way that is respectful and can be an example for other people.”

            Khalilah became first lady just as the coronavirus pandemic hit, and although she hasn’t been able to have much face-to-face interaction with the congregation, she’s excited to be more involved when things return to normal.

            “I do plan to be very involved in the women’s ministry. I think women play a very important role in the church and can really help to shape and mentor the younger women in the church,” she expressed. “I also really want to be involved with the youth. Education is very important to me.”

            Khaliliah is looking forward to getting back in the building with everyone, saying, “For me it would be a ‘thank God’ type of celebration, being thankful and grateful that we made it, we survived the pandemic and now we’re able to come back into the house of worship.”