“Today, we stated unequivocally that Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States, “Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-37th District) posted on social media.

Bass was one of 232 members of the U.S. House of Representatives—including ten Republicans—to vote to impeach President Donald Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors, after he incited throngs of his supporters in an assault on the U.S. Capitol as part of an attempted coup that left five dead, including two law enforcement officers.

The vote will make him the first president in the history of the nation to be impeached twice by Congress, and just the third president to be impeached. And though the trial that could lead to his conviction in a Democratically controlled Senate is not expected to begin before he leaves office and President-Elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, a lot remains at stake for Trump, including a ban on his ever seeking office again.

For legislators like Bass, that is the goal.

“Every day that he is in the White House is a day that he is a clear and present danger to this country.”

It is a view shared by fellow California Congresswoman Barbara Lee. 

“Donald Trump remains the greatest threat to our democracy and our national security,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. “On Wednesday, he incited a violent and deadly insurrection at our U.S. Capitol in an attempt to undermine the certification of our elections. He is unfit for office and can’t be trusted for another minute as commander in chief, overseeing the nuclear codes and the U.S. Military.

“We must impeach and remove him from office immediately so that he cannot threaten our democracy, our national security, and the physical safety of American families.”

None have been more outspoken about the impeaching president than Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who rose to speak in support of the move during the proceedings.

“I rise in support of impeaching again the worst president in the history of the United States,” said Waters.

“This president has spent four years abusing his power, lying, embracing authoritarianism [and] radicalizing his supporters against democracy,” she continued. “This corruption poisoned the minds of his supporters, inciting them to willingly join white supremacists, neo-Nazis and paramilitary extremists in a siege of the United State Capitol building, the very seat of American democracy.”

“This president intends to exercise power long after he is out of office … we should be concerned that the Republicans will not defend him, and he is capable of starting a civil war. He must be impeached. He must be stopped now.” 

Waters knows first-hand of the consequences of Trump’s toxic lies. Lies that on January 6 served to fuel mob law and insurrection. And the kind of vitriolic rhetoric that in 2019 led to the arrest Caesar Savoc and Stephen Taubert—both white supremacists— who were convicted in federal courts for threatening to kill Congresswoman Maxine Waters. 

Taubert was found guilty by a federal grand jury after calling Waters’ Los Angeles office in July 2018, stating, “I’m gonna be at every event that stupid f*****g n****r bitch is at and I’m gonna kill that f*****g b**** and all you stupid f*****g n****s that work for her.”

Sayoc – who drove a van covered in pro-Trump images –pled guilty in federal court for mailing potentially explosive devices to Rep. Waters’ Los Angeles and Washington, DC offices, and to the offices or residences of 12 other Democratic elected officials, private citizens, and media figures. He was held without bail after being charged in 65 counts including illegal mailing of explosives with intent to kill and using weapons of mass destruction.

The Sayoc and Taubert convictions followed those of Anthony Scott Lloyd, Richard Mel Phillips and Christopher Hasson. Lloyd pled guilty in April 2018 to threatening Rep. Waters in a voicemail, during which he stated “What you said at your little faggot conference, if you continue to make these threats towards the President, you’re going to wind up dead, Maxine, because we will kill you…

Of the threat Waters then responded, “Unfortunately, these types of violent threats – and other acts of hate – by ultra-right-wing extremists and white nationalists are on the rise in this country and around the world. This disturbing trend is only made worse by the violent rhetoric and bullying tactics of the current President of the United States.”

Should he be convicted, Trump also stands to lose lifetime Secret Service security, a $221,400 annual pension, reimbursed travel expenses of up to $1 million annually, and a funeral with full honors.


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